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Clean Room Stainless Steel Laboratory Air Shower

Jun 09, 2017

Air Shower

Basic Info

  • Usage: Industry, Medical

  • Type: HEPA Filter

  • Anion Density: 1000000pcs/m3

  • Voltage: 380V

  • Specification: Customized

  • Structure: Floor Standing

  • Power Source: Electrical

  • Purifying Technology: HEPA

  • Product Name: Air Shower

  • Material: 304# Stainless Steel

  • Trademark: GESC

  • Origin: China

Product Description

  1. Discounted price.

  2. Optional type: single person single output, double persons double outputs, single person double outputs, double persons single output.

  3. Three years warranty.

  4. High quality 304# stainless steel material.

    Customized product.
    Air shower passage is a necessary passage for person or goodsentering into the clean room in order to minumize the amount ofpaarticulate contaminants. Effectively reduce dust source from enteringinto clean arear after used, and keep celan area in normal workingstate.

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