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Common failure analysis and Countermeasures of clean workbench

Jul 14, 2018

The application of clean workbench is more and more frequent. At the same time, due to many factors, there will be some minor faults in some cases. Next we will analyze several common problems, hoping to help you better use the clean workbench.


First of all, a problem that may be encountered is that during the operation process, the operation switch of the clean workbench is invalid, and the function of on / off can not be realized. The main reasons for this situation include: 1, the power is not connected; 2, the line is defective. For such a situation, measures should be taken: 1, re plug the plug; 2, check the replacement circuit board.


The second common problem is that the working voltage of the clean worktable has been adjusted to the maximum, but the wind speed is still very low. The reasons for this are as follows: 1. Too much dust in the pre filter; 2. Failure of the high efficiency filter. Aiming at the problem of clean worktable, the measures that can be taken are: 1. Cleaning or replacing the pre filter; 2, changing the high efficiency filter in time.