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Comparison of clean shed and clean room

Jan 29, 2018

Literally, the clean shed and the clean room should belong to two similar products. So, what's the difference between them? Now we will analyze the difference between clean room and clean room from three aspects, including cost, material and purification level, hoping to help you understand them better.


First of all, from the cost aspect of the analysis. Usually, the clean shed is mainly built in the clean room, so there is no need to consider the air shower room, the transmission window and the air conditioning air supply system. As a result, it can be seen that its cost will be greatly reduced compared with the clean room. Of course, it also has a certain relationship with the material, size and cleanliness.


However, some users do not want to build a dustless workshop alone, so the cost is about forty percent to sixty percent of the dust free workshop. As for the specific cost, we should consider the selection of material and the size of the clean shed. In general, the greater the area that needs to be clean, the less the cost difference between the two is less obvious.


Secondly, there are obvious differences between the two. Usually, when building the clean shed, the frame used is mainly industrial aluminum profile, and the top is usually made of stainless steel plate, baking varnish, cold plastic steel plate, anti-static grid curtain and acrylic plexiglass. An antistatic grid curtain or an organic glass is usually used around, and the air supply part is usually used as a FFU clean air supply unit.


Third, there are some differences in the level of purification. It is important to note that, because the clean shed is more closed, so if the level is low, then there may be some side effects. However, the selection of the level of the clean shed is mainly determined by the user's need for cleanliness.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/