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Compartment for cleaning room and matters needing attention during installation

Jul 26, 2018

For the cleanliness of the cleanroom, there should be no compartments in the room. At present, more clean rooms can be partitioned in large quantities under the following circumstances. In order to prevent cross contamination or to separate products according to the production process requirements, we should take necessary technical measures to prevent pollution.


At the same time, we should pay more attention to the interval between different production sections in the clean room where production links are few or production time is not synchronized. In addition to the requirements for the compartments in the cleanroom, how to install the engine room in the clean room is also emphasized.


In the first place, dust is forbidden, and the dust is forbidden in the whole clean room, and the air flow in the range is specified. The next is to bring dust into the clean room, and any person who enters the clean room can go through the air shower.


There is also the production of dust, we must prohibit the production of dust inside the cleanroom workshop, there is no dust blind area around the blind area, all of the inner and outer circular arc edge. The dust sources in the cleanroom should be eliminated so that the cleanroom can achieve a higher cleanliness level.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/