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Complete set of operating rules and matters needing attention for cleaning table

May 24, 2019

Clean table is one of the components of clean room. In order to meet different working requirements, clean table can also be subdivided into different types. Horizontal laminar flow clean table is one of them. It is understood that the operation of horizontal laminar flow cleaning table has a set of rules to be followed to ensure that the desired use effect.


We should know that one of the important factors to ensure the work quality of the clean table is the correct placement and operation of the articles on it, so before using, we should put the articles in the proper place; at the same time, we should clean and disinfect the clean table so that it can enter the formal work in a clean and good state.


The specific way is to start the circulating fan and ultraviolet lamp of the horizontal laminar flow clean table ahead of time, turn off the ultraviolet lamp after running for a period of time, then wipe the top, sides and countertops of the clean table with 75% ethanol, in order to disinfect from top to bottom, from inside to outside; and then turn on the lamp before deployment. It should be noted that after each finished infusion dispensing, the waste on the clean table should be cleaned up and cleaned with water, and 75% ethanol should be used to disinfect the table if necessary.


Usually, it is only half an hour after the start of the cleaning table, and try to avoid placing too many items on the operating table. The distance between larger items should be about 15 cm; the distance between small items should be about 5 cm; and the sterile items on the cleaning table should ensure that the clean air flows through them at the first time.


In the process of using the clean table, any liquid substance should be avoided splashing into the high-efficiency filter. Once the high-efficiency filter is wet, it is easy to cause damage and mildew. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid violent action in the clean room, avoid loud noise, and strictly abide by aseptic operation rules.


In order to ensure the performance of the clean table, it is necessary to monitor the dynamic phytoplankton and test the parameters regularly to ensure the quality of the clean table and to keep the test report.www.wxrfcleanroom.com