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Composition and status classification of clean rooms

Jun 02, 2017

In fact, the clean room consists of five parts, and are indispensable. Otherwise it will not be able to form a complete and good quality clean room. Let's take a look at the five parts:


General cargo room

(1) Ceiling system: including boom, beam, ceiling lattice beam.
(2) air conditioning system: including air cabin, filter system, windmill and so on.
(3) partition board: including windows, doors.
(4) floor: including elevated floor or anti-static Shu Mei floor.
(5) lighting equipment: including fluorescent, yellow lamp and so on.
Clean room status is divided into the following three
A clean room (facility) that has been built and ready for use. It has all the relevant services and functions. However, there is no equipment operated by the operator in the facility.
Static: a variety of functions complete, set the installation properly, you can set or use the clean room (facilities), but there is no operator in the facility.
Dynamic: in the normal use of the clean room, service functions, equipment and personnel; if necessary, can engage in normal work.


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