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Compressed Air Filter Types Know and Must Be Used

Aug 21, 2018

Air filter is a kind of filter that must be familiar and understand, because it is widely used in many industries and fields, and there are different types and different filtering grades. Therefore, based on the above learning requirements, we will understand the air filter deeply and grasp the relevant professional knowledge in time.


1. Is the air filter the main representative of air purification equipment?

Air purification equipment, which includes a lot of specific equipment, such as air filter, air filter, so it can be said that the air filter is the main representative of the air purification equipment, and this air purification equipment, mainly through the use of filter components to filter the air, and then to achieve the air purification. Yes.


2. What are the instructions and specific types of compressed air filters


The instructions for compressed air filters are as follows:

(1)Generally speaking, the compressed air filter is a two stage filter, first filtering the larger particles in the compressed air, and condensing the moisture in the air into water drops to take away a part of the impurity particles. In addition, the oil in the air is filtered out. After filtering, it is to filter out the moisture and particle impurities that are not filtered out in the air so that clean and dry air without dust, rust, oil and water can be obtained.

(2)The filter element is used in the secondary filtration of the filter, and the latter is made of special cotton fiber filter element to ensure the filtering effect.


The specific types of compressed air filters are:

Coarse-effect compressed air filter: mainly installed in the front of the equipment, and can be called a front-end filter, used to filter out air particles larger than 5um.

Main pipeline compressed air filter: It can be referred to as the main pipeline filter, is used to filter out the air 1-10um suspended impurity particles.

Oil removal compressed air filter: can be referred to as oil removal filter, used to remove oil mist impurities in compressed air, filter size is 0.001-0.3 um.

Deodorizing compressed air filter: can be referred to as deodorizing filter, generally installed at the end of the gas source, used to absorb odor in the air, filter particle size is 0.01um.


3. Types of air filters for coaters and whether they are included in ventilation and air conditioning systems

Coater air filters, like ordinary air filters, are also three types of primary, intermediate and high efficiency, in addition, there may be other types. Among them, the high-efficiency filter, is generally high-temperature type. In the ventilation and air conditioning system, there must be an air filter, and according to different requirements, choose the appropriate filter level.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/