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Concept and use of purification system in medical clean workshop

Apr 03, 2018

The main function of the purification system in the medical clean workshop is to provide a cleaner production environment to prevent the product and the clean area from being contaminated with microbes. This is because in the pharmaceutical workshop, the air quality provided by the pharmaceutical clean workshop will directly affect the level of particles and microbial contamination produced in the environment, and directly affect the quality of drug production.


In fact, the purification system in the medical clean workshop is a dynamic system, so the user needs to pay close attention to the running state of the system. The air purification system contains two aspects. One is positive pressure control, which prevents the external air from affecting the environment. The two is the negative pressure control to prevent the particulate pollution from spreading in the production process. Therefore, when the air system is installed, the design, installation and operation of the system should meet different purposes.


Based on this factor, the purification system of the medical clean workshop requires strict testing, control and verification. Generally, the following points should be taken into consideration in the verification of air purification system:


First, in the cleaning system of pharmaceutical clean workshop, the direction of air must flow from key areas or cleaner areas to surrounding areas or low-level areas.


Second, in the cleaning system of the pharmaceutical clean workshop, in order to ensure the cleanliness and air flow of the area, the air intake and exhaust must be balanced to ensure the air exchange rate, the air flow model and the pressure difference.


Third, in the establishment of purification system of medicine workshop, control on the operating area of each room to deal with these indicators: the location and number of air exhaust position and quantity, wind and exhaust ventilation frequency ratio, product flow model, the exposed area of air velocity etc.;


Fourth, on the Cleanliness Measurement of the purification system of the medical clean workshop, which should include the determination of suspended particles and microbes.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/