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Construction contract and cost management of solar cell production workshop

Feb 08, 2018

Considering the requirements of the process process, it can be divided into a number of professional systems in the construction of a solar cell production workshop. It mainly includes civil engineering, steel structure, pure water, pressurized air conditioning, process cooling water, nitrogen, oxygen, air and vacuum, fire protection, transformation and distribution, purification and fitment. In addition, the collection and treatment of the wastewater in the solar cell production workshop should also be taken into consideration.

In actual work, if we want to make the production of solar cell workshop complete the quality and quantity in the specified time, we need to build a professional organization with a clear division of labor. In this case, a complete set of systems and processes can be formed from project starting, examination and approval, bidding, construction, acceptance and delivery.

It should be noted that when considering the project contract plan of solar cell workshop, we should minimize the Contractor as far as possible, so as to minimize the over crossing of the construction process. It is advisable to choose a large group company with full construction qualification as the general contractor. Not only is the relationship between the first and the second parties more clear, but it can also increase the workload of the construction management of the construction units.

If you had to choose the two limitations, the contractor to complete the project of solar cell workshop building it, then according to the Civil Engineering (including steel structure, epoxy flooring), purification Engineering (including all kinds of wind pipe, water supply and drainage equipment installation, air conditioning system, two color steel piping, enclosure, ceiling and so on) the two class to tender.

Moreover, the specific prevention of the project contract in the solar cell workshop can be chosen according to the actual situation, usually based on the fixed price contract based on the bidding drawings. The advantage of doing this is to reduce the risk responsibility of the construction scope as much as possible. If the project is not included in the settlement of the solar cell production workshop, the contract price is the settlement price.