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Construction requirement and effect test of clean food factory

Mar 31, 2018

In order to ensure that the construction of the clean food factory can meet the production requirements, then the corresponding test is needed. Under normal conditions, in the clean food factory, the air supply of the dustless workshop of the food packaging should be sufficient enough to dilute or eliminate the pollution produced in the room.


Secondly, the air in the packing area of the food clean workshop should move from the clean area to the clean area, so that the flow of the polluted air reaches the lowest level. The direction of the air flow in the doorway and the indoor building is correct. And the air supply in the dustless workshop of food packaging will not significantly increase the pollution in the room.


Third, in the clean food factory, the movement of indoor air should meet the requirement of no high concentration area in the chamber. If the cleanroom achieves the above criteria, it can measure its particle concentration or microbial concentration (if necessary), so as to make sure that it reaches the required clean room standard.


So, what parameters are the main parameters to be judged in the test? In fact, when detecting the cleanliness of food clean workshop, the first thing to consider is its air supply and exhaust volume. If it's a turbulent clean room, we must measure its air supply and exhaust volume. If the unidirectional cleanroom is to measure the wind speed.


The second is to measure the air flow control between the regions. In order to prove the direction of air flow between the district food in cleanroom is correct, it is from the clean area to cleanliness area of poor liquidity, test items have included: the interval of the pressure difference is correct; at the door or wall and floor at the opening of the air movement direction, from the clean area to clean degree the regional flow.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/