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Construction requirements for various areas of purification engineering in food asepsis room

Jun 22, 2018

The food asepsis room is also involved in the functions of water supply, drainage, ventilation, exhaust air, strong electricity, weak electricity, air conditioning, fire, waste liquid treatment, centralized gas supply and other complex technology, but also consider many factors such as environmental protection, safety, sustainable development and so on, so it is a complex system engineering.


The layout of the food asepsis room is the basis of the design. Only according to the needs of the functional zoning and the work process, the corresponding layout planning can ensure the design of the follow-up water, electricity, wind and other specialties. Therefore, the phase layout design stage should consider the needs of the work and development as much as possible, the rational allocation of space, as far as possible, as far as possible. Optimization and integration. In addition to the layout optimization and the placement of instruments and equipment, we should also take full account of whether the direction of flow of personnel and goods meets the requirements of work.


The distribution system of the food asepsis room is based on the specific requirements of the instruments and equipment. The design of the distribution system is not only to consider the existing instruments and equipment, but also to consider the development rules of the laboratory for several years, and to consider the reservation of the distribution system. Problems of circuit maintenance and so on.


The air conditioning system in the food asepsis room is not only to control the temperature and humidity of the asepsis room, but also to cooperate with the indoor ventilation system, so as to ensure the temperature and humidity of the room and the pressure difference in the room so as to create a good working environment. There is also a fire fighting system in food asepsis room. Different fire control measures are adopted according to specific circumstances to ensure the fire safety of the asepsis room.


The pipeline of the drainage system in the food asepsis room should be resistant to acid and alkali corrosion and the melting of the organic reagents. PPR or other materials should be used, but the ordinary PVC pipe should not be used, and the scheme should be determined according to the nature of the sewage, the flow rate, the discharge law and the outdoor drainage conditions. Whether the exhaust system is perfect or not directly affects the environment of asepsis room, the health of laboratory personnel and the operation and maintenance of laboratory equipment.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/