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Control of the Operating Speed of the Fan Filter Unit

May 06, 2019

The fan filter unit is a ceiling unit with internal fan in the process of operation. It is mainly used in turbulent flow and laminar flow clean room. In the process of design, the whole fan filter unit is very flexible and effective according to its design specifications, and can easily cooperate with any ceiling skeleton.


Fan filter unit is one of the most quiet and reasonably priced excellent units in the clean market at present. In the process of using this unit, it can effectively deliver high-quality air and good air manifold for the clean room. It is suitable for semiconductor, bio-industry and other industries to be used in the clean room.


Clean workbenches, assembly cleanrooms, clean production lines and local 100-class places where air pollution will have very strict control requirements have low energy consumption, which can reduce its operating costs to a certain extent.


The fan filter unit has very low power consumption, low cost, and the built-in duct diversion system of the equipment can effectively reduce its noise and pressure loss in the process of operation. It can effectively improve its fan efficiency in use. The fan of the fan filter unit chooses high-efficiency centrifugal fan, which can provide high air volume. High static pressure condition and working life require up to 50,000 hours. Up.


Fan filter unit is very suitable for use in cleanliness Class1-1000 class dust-free room, suitable for assembly into ultra-clean production line, can be arranged according to the needs of the process for single use, can also form a 100-level assembly line in series, the equipment is in accordance with its standards before leaving the factory using its dust particle counter scanning test one by one to ensure quality.www.wxrfcleanroom.com