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Correct Selection of Decoration Materials in Purification Workshop Engineering

Apr 21, 2019

Purification workshop engineering is currently used in many fields of production and processing, especially in the fast-growing precision electronics industry and pharmaceutical industry, the requirements for purification workshop are more stringent. Purification workshop engineering can not only ensure the health of workers, but also improve the quality and accuracy of processed products.


The main feature of the purification workshop project is dust-free, so in order to ensure the characteristics of dust-free, the selection of decoration materials should be more stringent and cautious. When choosing decoration materials in the purification workshop, waterproof gypsum board must be chosen first, so as to avoid the influence of external air humidity on the air quality inside the purification workshop. Decoration of wood need to pay attention to moisture content, not more than 16%, because if greater than this value is prone to deformation and loosening.


The surface of decoration materials for cleaning workshop engineering also needs to have certain chemical resistance, so as to ensure the durability of workshop use. If it is in the shower area, the choice of ceramic tiles needs to have anti-skid function, so as to ensure the safety of staff and not bring more dust.www.wxrfcleanroom.com