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Correct selection of materials for each structure of food sterility room

Mar 09, 2019

Food aseptic room is specially designed for the safe production of food. Because of the particularity of structure and material used, food aseptic room can achieve super high cleanliness, avoid contamination of food and ensure its safety. Do you know what structural materials are used in the sterile food room?


In order to meet the aesthetic and rigid characteristics of food sterile room, its walls and roofs are made of 50 mm thick sandwich color steel plate, while some arc corners, doors, window frames and other parts of food sterile room are made of special alumina profiles.


In addition to walls and roofs, food aseptic room floor is also specially treated, generally based on epoxy self-flow floor or high-grade wear-resistant plastic floor; if there is anti-static requirements for food aseptic room, anti-static floor materials need to be selected.


In the sterile food room, the air supply and return pipeline and efficient air supply outlet are also indispensable devices, so its materials should also be carefully selected. Most of the air supply and return pipes are made of hot-dip zinc sheet, and the flame-retardant PF foam plastic sheet with good purification and heat preservation effect is affixed on its surface; while the high-efficiency air supply outlet is made of stainless steel frame, which is beautiful, clean, rusty and non-sticky.


With proper material selection and reasonable structure design, the food sterile room can purify the food production environment, and the temperature and humidity in the food sterile room can also meet the relevant production standards, ensure the production of food, extend its shelf life, and provide people with safe food.www.wxrfcleanroom.com