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Daily operation and management of clean worktable

Nov 07, 2018

The purpose of using clean workbench is very clear, which is to maintain the biological cleanliness of the system, protect the safety of staff, ensure the normal operation of the unit, and minimize the variable factors that can affect the scientific research results. When using the clean worktable, the experimenter should first turn on the ultraviolet lamp on the ultra-clean worktable and use it after 20 minutes of ultraviolet irradiation.


Only then can we turn on the working power of the clean worktable, turn off the ultraviolet lamp, and wipe the clean worktable with 75% alcohol or 0.5% peracetic acid spraying. During the whole experiment, the experimental personnel should operate according to the aseptic operating rules. At the end of the experiment, the working table was wiped with disinfectant, the working power was turned off, and the ultraviolet lamp was re-opened for 15 minutes.


In the course of using, if the unit fails, the laboratory should be notified immediately, and the professional personnel should continue to use after passing the inspection. Laboratory personnel should pay attention to keeping the room clean and tidy. In addition, the relevant filter materials should be replaced every 2 years and the replacement records will be made.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/