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Demand for fire safety design in clean room

Jun 15, 2018

With the progress and development of medicine, electronics and other industries, these industries demand more and more factories, production processes and production environment. Because of the particularity of its use requirements, the purification room also decides that it is different from the particularity and complexity of the general architecture in architectural structure, plane layout, function division and so on. As a prerequisite for solving the sterile and dust-free production of medical and high precision instruments, the clean room is also indispensable for its fire protection design.


Due to the frequent use of a variety of inflammable and explosive chemical dangerous goods, and the chemical reaction also has the danger of combustion and explosion, and the use of a lot of new composite materials, and the construction unit is lack of fire protection knowledge, some of the organic composite material or color steel plate and foam are selected to increase the fire load.


Therefore, the purification room should be specially designed, its main building should be one or two grade refractory grade, the structure and accessories such as ceiling, partition wall and heat insulation, heat insulation and decorative materials should be used as far as possible to ensure the good fireproof performance.


Other buildings converted to medical purification rooms should also be specially designed and approved by public security fire departments. Generally not to destroy the original fire separation, new heat insulation, insulation, separation and other materials and decorative materials as far as possible not to use combustible materials, if the use, should be treated with fire protection.


In order to ensure safety, the maximum allowable floor space between firewalls in the room, fire separation and evacuation routes are generally higher than other buildings, and there should be emergency lights at the entrance or corner. A clean room with flammable liquid and gas should be equipped with exhaust air equipment, and an independent exhaust device should be installed on the operating table; the exhaust pipe of flammable liquid vapor and gas should be separated from the exhaust system.


Because the open pipe can not meet the requirements of clean room without dust and asepsis, the closed system pipe is often filled with fire extinguishing medium, which can not avoid leakage and pollute the air, so the automatic fire extinguishing system should not be used to purify the house, or to set up a special pipe system for it.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/