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Design and Efficiency of Clean Transfer Window

Mar 27, 2019

Clean transfer window is a kind of auxiliary air purification equipment which is used in conjunction with factory buildings and equipped clean rooms. Clean transfer window can effectively provide its aseptic clean working scenery and vertical laminar flow local air purification equipment in the process of using.


Clean transfer window is mainly suitable for the transfer of goods between clean room and clean room. After using the transfer window, it can effectively reduce the number of clean room doors, effectively reduce the pollution of clean room to the minimum.


The whole shell of the clean transfer window is made of its stainless steel and cold-rolled steel sheet by spraying plastic. The surface can be smooth and clean in the process of use. The equipment adopts large glass for easy observation and installation of sealing glue to ensure its air tightness. The upper part of the equipment is a high-efficiency filter and circulating fan.


The two doors of the clean transfer window are mainly used in the process of using their mechanical interlocking function or electronic interlocking. As long as one door is opened, the other door will be locked. The table of the transfer window is made of stainless steel plate, which is wear-resistant and dustproof.


The shape and size of the clean transfer window can be effectively designed according to the requirements of its users in the process of design. The window of the equipment will be equipped with sterilizing lights. The whole equipment is controlled by a program controlled by a microcomputer. The indoor air is pressed into static pressure through the return orifice plate, and then pressed out through the high-efficiency air filter.


Clean transfer window is very efficient for high efficiency air filtration to bacteria, so in general, the air fed into its working area is sterile and dustless air, thus forming a sterile environment in the working area, and the ultraviolet sterilizing lamp installed on the outlet diffuser board.www.wxrfcleanroom.com