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Design and Process Layout Requirements of Pharmaceutical Clean Workshop

Apr 14, 2019

First of all, the design of the pharmaceutical clean workshop must meet the relevant requirements. Moreover, in the design of pharmaceutical clean workshop, it should be advanced in technology, ensure quality, safety, practicality, economy and rationality, and meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.


Secondly, the design of pharmaceutical clean workshop not only needs to meet the current product production process requirements, but also should take due account of future production development requirements and process improvement needs. If it is in the use of existing buildings and facilities for clean technology transformation, according to production process requirements, from the actual point of view, make full use of existing technical facilities, in line with the principle of local conditions.


Thirdly, in the design process of pharmaceutical clean workshop, it is necessary to create necessary conditions for later construction and installation, equipment maintenance, management, overhaul, testing and safe operation.


In addition, in the process layout work, the pharmaceutical clean workshop needs to arrange reasonably and compactly according to the actual production process requirements, which is conducive to production operation and can ensure the effective management of the production process. Firstly, the process layout should prevent the confusion and cross-contamination between people flow and logistics.


In the process of layout of Pharmaceutical Cleaning workshop, it is suggested that the entry and exit channels of personnel and materials should be separated. Special entrances and exits may be set up when necessary. And the route of material transfer in the clean workshop should be as short as possible. Personnel and materials entering the clean production area should have their own purification rooms and designs. The requirement of the cleaning room should be in accordance with the air cleanliness level in the production area.


In the medical clean workshop, only necessary process equipment and design should be set up in the production and operation area. Keep in mind that areas used for production and storage should not be used as access for non-staff in the region.