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Design details of exhaust system in purification workshop of pharmaceutical factory

Aug 29, 2018

Exhaust air system is a very important link in the purification workshop of pharmaceutical factory, which directly affects the use quality and effect of the purification workshop of pharmaceutical factory. If there is a problem in the exhaust system and there is a hidden danger in the exhaust equipment, the cleanliness in the purification workshop can not meet the use requirements, and the qualified medicines can not be safely produced.


First of all, the air exhaust system of the purification workshop should take measures to prevent backflow irrigation, the purpose is to prevent air conditioning purification system stop running, outdoor air backflow into the dust-free workshop, causing pollution and dust. The usual measure is to install a medium-effect filter or check valve at the appropriate position in the exhaust passage, or at the same time.


Secondly, the materials and coatings for the air ducts, control valves, check valves and other accessories of the exhaust system in the purification workshop should be determined according to the nature of the hazardous substances and the air environment conditions in which they are removed; the air ducts for the removal of corrosive gases may be made of plastic ducts. Fire control valve should be installed through the exhaust pipe through the firewall.


Local exhaust system containing inflammable and explosive materials should have corresponding fire and explosion prevention measures, such as selecting explosion-proof fan. Special attention should be paid to maintaining sufficient horizontal distance and height difference between the exhaust outlet of the exhaust system and the fresh air inlet of the air conditioning system.


The air distribution of air supply and exhaust in the purification workshop should be reasonable so as to achieve the effect of "blowing and suction hood" and "pushing and pulling hood" which are commonly used in local exhaust, and to control the diffusion of pollutants in the room and improve the indoor cleanliness.