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Design Layout of Clean Workshop Engineering in Clean Engineering Company

Jan 01, 2019

In order to achieve good cleanliness effect, clean engineering companies should not only take reasonable air conditioning purification measures, but also take corresponding measures for technology, construction and other professions. That is to say, we should not only have reasonable design, but also carefully conform to the norms of construction and installation, as well as the correct use of clean rooms and scientific maintenance and management.

The air distribution of the clean workshop project is different from that of the general air-conditioning room. It requires the cleanest air to be sent to the operating part first. Its function is to limit and reduce the pollution to the processed products. Therefore, these principles should be taken into account in the design of air distribution, so as to minimize eddy currents and avoid bringing pollution outside the working area into the working area; prevent dust from flying twice to reduce the chance of dust pollution to the workpiece; air flow in the working area should be as uniform as possible, and its wind speed should meet the technological and sanitary requirements, so as to make the dust in the air effective when the air flows to the return air outlet. Take away.

Clean engineering companies should choose different air supply and return modes according to different cleanliness requirements. At the same time, to ensure that the cleanliness of the air supply meets the requirements, the key is the performance and installation of the final filter of the purification system. In order to ensure the cleanliness of air supply, only qualified filters are not enough, but also to ensure that the filter is not damaged in the process of transportation and installation, and the installation is tight.