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Design standard of ceiling in purification engineering

Dec 12, 2018

Purification engineering is a project with special purification requirements for production process in production process. Its construction structure, production process and raw material variety are different from general buildings. It has particularity and complexity. Its basic characteristics are closed construction structure, complex production process, various kinds of raw materials and precise production equipment.


In order to ensure the cleanliness of the purification project, all air supply pipes and lamps must be arranged in the technical interlayer. At present, most pharmaceutical companies use color steel sandwich plate to seal ceiling. The color steel sandwich panel has the characteristics of light weight, high overall strength, good integrity, heat insulation and small dust emission. It is more suitable for GMP production plant.


However, the fixing of the ceiling must be connected to the main structure, and can not be mixed with equipment and pipeline support. The ceiling and the wall should be connected smoothly. The ceiling and return air duct should be closed reliably. After the installation of the ceiling, light inspection should be carried out to ensure seamless.


According to the technological requirements, in general, the repair corridor should be set up in the technical interlayer to facilitate the repair of pipelines and the replacement of filters. The wall and ceiling of technical sandwich need to be painted. In addition, the clean workshop should make strict requirements on the pipeline penetration of electrical lines, and try to use steel tubes in places where conditions permit, so as to ensure that electrical lines do not become a way of fire spread.www.wxrfcleanroom.com