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Determinants of Backblow Source and Efficient Replacement of Air Filter

Aug 17, 2018

Air filter is a kind of filter, which is common and commonly used, and can be seen in many industries and fields. Therefore, it is necessary to be familiar with and understand, and to achieve a comprehensive level of this, so that you can make yourself learned, not nothing, and then, can not have good use effect and economic benefits on the air filter.


1. Is it necessary to know the main performance index of air filter?

Air filter, which is the same as ordinary filter, has corresponding performance indicators, and in these performance indicators, there are important and key parameters, for initial efficiency, initial resistance and filter area of the three. Therefore, these three important parameters, we should understand clearly and attach importance to it, so that the appropriate value can be determined and the air filter has a good use effect.


2. What determines the replacement cycle of the HEPA filter?

High efficiency air filter replacement cycle, according to professional technicians, is determined by the initial resistance of the filter, generally two times the initial resistance of the filter. Therefore, when the high-efficiency air filter is installed, the initial resistance of the filter must be measured, so as to know the service life of the product. The test is generally for the pressure difference test.


3. Description of the use of compressed air filters

Compressed air filter, in use, is generally installed in front of the dryer three filters, and then installed after the dryer a filter. Because the compressed air filter has different grades and filtering levels, the filter in front of the dryer is used to filter liquid water, dust, solid particles and other impurities. The filter of the dryer is used to filter the fine dust in the compressed air.


4. What are the back blowing sources of the air filter? In addition, what can be used to judge the quality of air filters in HVAC systems?

The backblow source of the air filter can be realized by using the clean air produced by the filter itself and pressurizing the reverse pulse. The air filter in the HVAC system is mainly used to remove the dust and impurities in the air. It is judged by the quality of the air, and is carried out by the pressure difference sensor.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/