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Determine the type, direction and material of air shower

Apr 21, 2018

As a kind of local purification equipment, the wind drenching channel has been widely used in all kinds of industries. It is good for the enterprise's economy and environmental benefits to select the right wind drenching channel correctly. So what are the problems that should be considered when choosing the wind tunnel?


First of all, we should choose the wind drenching channel according to the use of the enterprise. In fact, in addition to the wind drenching channel, the single wind shower room, the double wind shower room and the multiple wind drenching room are all the devices with the same effect, so it is better to determine which kind of the type is better in advance.


Usually wind shower room when the factory is usually set to 15S shower once, if the clean workshop is about 20 people, to control in ten minutes through the end, then you can choose a single wind shower room or double wind shower room, if the time to control in five minutes through 20 people will choose a double air shower room or a number of wind drenching room.


The second is to choose the direction of blowing in the drizzling channel. In fact, it is not the increase of the nozzle and direction of the wind drenching channel, and the effect will be better. These mainly depend on the fan parameters used by the manufacturer of the wind drenching channel. If only one typhoon machine is matched, the double blowing will be more wind and thus blow the shower than the three air drier. The effect is better.


Besides, the selection of material for wind tunnel is also the main factor that determines the price of air shower channel. The main materials are three kinds of cold rolled steel plate, multi-layer acid cleaning, stainless steel and all stainless steel in outer cold plate. If the field is wet or acid and alkali gas, all stainless steel wind drenching channel should be chosen, and the wind drenching channel of the whole cold rolled steel plate can be selected.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/