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Different types of effective air filter and medium - effect cleaning instructions

Sep 08, 2017

Air filter, it is not only one of the filter, and, in our opinion, still want to be familiar with and understand the object, because of its wide application, so it is necessary to carry out the work, in order to use it correctly and avoid making mistakes, in this way, can be used to improve the filter effect and economic benefit, in turn, also let our own benefit.


High efficiency air filter, how much is its aperture?In addition, air filter, can it be used with pneumatic butterfly valve?

High efficiency air filter, its aperture, is generally in the range of 0.2 to 80 microns, but generally, it is 0.7 micron.And ordinary air filters, which can be used with pneumatic butterfly valves.So, on question two, the answer is yes, and there is no problem with using it.

There are partitions and no partitions in high efficiency air filters. What are the differences?

High efficiency air filter, which is generally divided into two types: partition type and no partition type, and there is a distinct difference between these two, which is:

Difference 1: in size, it has actual size and nominal size.The nominal size is the filter material which includes the outer frame and the filter, while the actual size is to remove the outer frame and only calculate the width, height and depth of the filter material, as well as the area of the filter material.

Difference 2: the filter paper folding number of high efficiency air filter is determined by the degree of tightness of the partition paper and filter paper and the assembly of the diaphragm paper.And there is no partition, in this case, it is determined by the compact degree of the filter paper and the compact degree of the filter paper.

Can the medium effect air filter be cleaned?

In this case, it is mainly the filter material used by the effect air filter.If it is clean, then it can be cleaned.In general, use clear water, or a solution containing a neutral detergent,And then dry and reinstall.However, it is important to note that it is also limited to the number of cleaning times, generally for the second time.