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Dimension determination of air shower chamber for purification equipment

Dec 13, 2018

Air shower room is a very popular purification equipment, and its design size should meet the corresponding standards, such as the net width of air shower room should meet the requirements of standing and passing convenience, and generally 700 mm to 800 mm. The net height should not be greater than 2 meters. The net length of single shower room should not be greater than 1 meter. The net length of double shower room should not be more than 2 meters. Two-person air shower rooms for no more than 50 people in the workshop and more than 100 people in the workshop are more than 2 meters in length.


The net dimension of the blowing space in the cargo shower room of the purifying equipment shall be determined according to the cargo dimensions blown. The distance between the two sides of the cargo from the spraying nozzle shall be greater than or equal to 200 mm. The net length of passageway air shower room should not be less than 6 meters, and each person should have at least 9 seconds of air shower time.


In the design process, there will inevitably be some deviations, but as long as it meets the requirements are allowed. The deviation of outline size, channel size and horizontal size of door opening of air shower chamber should conform to tolerance grade "L" of GB/T 1184. The flatness of the front, left and right exterior walls and the wall panels in the passage shall conform to the tolerance grade "L" stipulated in GB/T 1184.http:// wxrfcleanroom.com/