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Dimensional Design Requirements of Stroke Shower in Dust-free Clean Room

Sep 10, 2019

As a component of clean room, air shower room should pay attention to the design of its size when it is designed. If it is large, it will cause waste, and if it is small, it will affect the use effect of the whole clean room. So how to determine the size of the air shower room in the clean room?


Firstly, the capacity of the air shower room can be calculated according to the number of workers in the clean room. On this basis, enough space should be left for the air shower room in order to facilitate the installation and maintenance of equipment. In addition, when determining the size, we should also pay attention to the distinction between single shower room or double shower room, the specific size is different.


If a single air shower room is equipped in a dustless clean room, the net width of the air shower area should meet the requirements of standing and passing convenience, so it should not be less than 700 mm in general, but not more than 800 mm in general, and the net height should not be greater than 2 m. If the passageway type air shower room is used, the minimum net passage length should not be less than 6m to ensure that each person passes for at least 9 seconds.


The single and double air shower rooms installed in the clean room are basically 1300 wide * 1000 deep * 2180 high specifications, while the reserved air shower room installation size is larger than this external size, but not too large, so as not to be difficult to trim after installation.


If the walls of the clean room are solid cement walls, then the walls on both sides must be horizontal and vertical, and can reserve a size position 5 mm larger than the shape size of each side. If the clean room is made of colored steel plates, although the reserved dimensions of the air shower room are the same, the outer box of the air shower room should be at right angles as far as possible. In this way, not only will the cost of trimming be lower, but also the trimming will be more beautiful.