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Discuss the influence and control of the wind speed of clean shed

Sep 15, 2017

In practical application, we can hardly guarantee the cleanliness of the clean shed, because its cleanliness is easily influenced by airflow in the air.In a nutshell, the dust movement caused by staff, machine layout, building structure and so on, will be dominated by airflow.

Therefore, during the use of clean sheds, it is not only necessary to take into account the impact of personnel, but also include machines and other sources of dust.Moreover, once the dust has spread, there is no guarantee of clean space, so we need to use airflow to make it outside.

From the above, we can learn that the cleanliness of the clean room depends mainly on the airflow in the clean shed.Normally, the airflow rate of the clean room is usually between 0.25 and 0.5m per second.In this range, airflow velocity is a breeze area, so it tends to be disturbed by actions of people, machines and so on.


In this case, if you increase the wind speed, you can reduce the size of the impact to a certain extent, but when the wind speed increases, it will increase the cost.Therefore, in the process of using the clean shed, we need to meet the requirements of both aspects.In other words, it is necessary to ensure that the most appropriate wind speed is provided in order to achieve the cleanliness requirement, so as to ensure economical efficiency.

In addition, to make the cleanliness of the clean shed meet the expected requirements, we must also meet one requirement, which is to ensure the uniformity of airflow as much as possible.Otherwise, there is a difference in wind speed, especially in the wall, which is more serious, so it is difficult to achieve a high degree of cleanliness.