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Do air filter manufacturers need certification and necessary inspection and cleaning parts?

Sep 27, 2018

On the specific types of filters, the object of the following explanation is the air filter, because it is a common and common type of filters, and from the current point of view there are many applications, so we need to have a comprehensive understanding of the correct and reasonable use of air filters, to get good use and filtering effect.


1. Is air filter manufacturer subject to some certification?

Air filter manufacturers, it is necessary to pass some certification, not only in the production of air filter products, but also manufacturers themselves need to pass some certification, such as ISO certification, CE certification and so on, which can ensure product quality and product manufacturing process quality assurance, thereby Users can feel free to choose products.


2. Is air filter used in air source system in compressed air system?

The air source system in the compressed air system, from a professional point of view, is a system consisting of equipment that produces, processes and stores compressed air. Therefore, from its definition, it is known that air filters will be used, and this equipment is used to process compressed air and filter the air. And purification treatment, so that the compressed air can be processed afterwards.


3. Can air filters only be filtered?

The main function of this kind of filter is to filter the air, that is, to remove dust, particulate impurities and other dirt in the air, so it can be used in clean workshop and clean workshop. However, in addition to filtering this function, can also play a dust-proof role, such as electronic and mechanical communications equipment, such as dust-proof, can also have a good effect.


4. Which parts of air filter must be inspected or cleaned?

Air filters can be cleaned either manually or by some cleaning tools or equipment. However, no matter what kind of cleaning method, the part of the air filter that must be checked and cleaned is the filter element, because it is an important part of the filter. Those who play the role of filtering must not be careless. Moreover, if serious wear and tear of the filter element is found, new filter element should be replaced to avoid affecting the filter quality and filtering effect of the air filter.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/