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Do not use laminar hoods for long periods of time?

Jun 02, 2017

Laminar flow hood is clean shop clean laminar flow technology is very good use of a purification equipment, laminar flow hood high efficiency, low cost, flexible and convenient operation, is the choice of many manufacturers.


Chemical test bench

      The laminar flow hood can usually create a clean environment of 100 clean grades. After the laminar flow hood is installed, the turbulence in the workshop will be converted into a vertical air supply, a high efficiency filter will be installed on the roof, and the floor grille will be installed Outlet, in the case of their co-operation, the activities of the dust particles will not fall, so as to protect the cleanliness of the work area.


Climbing belt conveyor

       Some factories at the time of purchase, due to price concessions, may buy one or two, but also temporarily not used, similar to this situation, laminar flow hood another advantage is reflected. The laminar flow hood function is not degraded for a long time, but you have to keep your job done.
       The laminar flow hood filter out to re-clean, if it is not saved because the filter is black, for a new filter, and then re-installed, debug several times, you can use the normal.


Modular Clean room