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Docking mode between clean room and air shower room

Apr 13, 2019

In the process of designing the clean room, it is necessary to connect the air shower room with it to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room. So, how will the air shower room dock with the clean room? What details should we pay attention to in this process?


If you enter the clean room through ordinary doors, there will undoubtedly be a lot of dust particles, so at this time it will be equipped with a special technical secondary equipment, it is the air shower room. As a transfer equipment for staff to enter the clean room, it has strong versatility and can be used in conjunction with all clean rooms and clean workshop.


When the staff enter the clean room, they spray strong and clean air from rotating nozzles in all directions to the people through this equipment, effectively and quickly remove the dust, hair, hair scraps and other debris attached to clothes, which can reduce the pollution problems caused by people entering and leaving the clean room.


The two doors of the air shower chamber are interlocked electronically, which can act as both the air lock chamber and prevent the polluted and unpolluted air from entering the clean area. After opening stainless steel air shower door of air shower room and entering the air shower room, the air shower door will automatically close the outside door, infrared induction, and the air shower will start automatically, and the air shower will blow for 15 seconds. However, it should be noted that the two stainless steel doors can not be opened simultaneously in the air shower room. If forced to open, the electronic lock will be damaged. The two doors of the air shower room are controlled by electronic interlock. After air shower, push out the door and enter the clean room.


So nowadays, only the air-shower door is designed for the clean room. It does not set up the ordinary door. It completely acts as the entrance passage. The dust particles larger than 0.3 micron in all parts of the body are removed by entering the air-shower room, so as to avoid pollution after entering the clean room. At the same time, it also plays the role of air cushion, because in the process of opening the door, with the flow of air, the air shower room is very good to stop the flow of air in the air shower room, which avoids the air pollution caused by air flow.