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Dustless clean room set reasonable pressure difference to prevent pollution

Jan 12, 2018

In order to achieve good cleaning effect, dustless clean rooms should not only focus on reasonable measures for air conditioning, but also require appropriate measures for process, architecture and other majors. That is to say, dustless clean houses should not only have a reasonable purification engineering design, but also have meticulous compliance with the standard construction and installation of the purification workshop, as well as the correct use of clean rooms and scientific maintenance management.


In addition, the corresponding measures should be taken to prevent the spread of pollution from the adjacent areas with low cleanliness to the clean room. The key is to maintain Gao Jie's cleanliness area relative to the low cleanliness area, the low cleanliness area relative to the service area, and the service area relative to the outdoor has a suitable positive pressure value.


According to different situations, different levels of positive pressure difference between adjacent rooms is about 5~10PA, the reason for different levels of cleanliness of room pressure to maintain echelon, is when the room door is in the closed condition, the air flow gap is from high level to low level by the clean room clean room to the corridor and service area low level clean room, and then flows to the outside, so that it can be reduced from outside the service area, service area to the low level of clean room, clean room to the low level of suspended pollutants high level clean room spread in the air.


For the clean room, the positive pressure difference is not the bigger the better, practice has proved that the personnel material through the door, if the door closed on both sides of the differential pressure up to 50~60pa, is still difficult to absolutely avoid with the personnel, material inward when moving airstream will carry into the purification workshop pollution.


Especially when the temperature difference on both sides, the door open, even if no one around, in the opening part of the section area are reverse flow into the suspension of air pollutants. In addition, the excessive positive pressure difference will also cause the door of dust-free clean room to be difficult to open and difficult. The whistle noise caused by the slot air flow and the increase of air volume due to excessive air flow spillover, waste energy and increase the burden of filters at all levels.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/