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Effect of Wind Speed on High Efficiency Filter in Food Sterile Workshop

Jun 03, 2019

In most cases, the lower the wind speed in the operation of food aseptic workshop, the better the effect of the filter. The diffusion of small particle size dust is obvious, the wind speed is low, the air flow in the filter material stays longer, the dust will have more opportunities to impact obstacles, so the filtration efficiency is high.


Similar to the effect of diffusion, when the filter material of food aseptic workshop is electrostatic (, the longer the dust resides in the filter material, the greater the possibility of material adsorption). With the change of wind speed, the filtration efficiency of electrostatic material will change significantly. If you know that there is static electricity in the material, you should minimize the air flow through each filter when designing the air conditioning system.


For high efficiency filters in food aseptic workshop, the velocity of air passing through the filter material is generally 0.01-0.04m/s. Within this range, the resistance of the filter is proportional to the air flow. For general ventilation filters in air conditioning boxes, the velocity of air flow passing through the filter material is in the range of 0.13-1.0m/s. The relationship between resistance and air volume is no longer linear, but an upward arc.www.wxrfcleanroom.com