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Eight Essential Ventilation Systems in Purification Room

Jan 09, 2019

The exhaust system in the purification room is a core system. There are generally eight kinds of exhaust systems. One is the general exhaust system. It is mainly used for the exhaust gas discharged from the production auxiliary room or living room. The exhaust gas is harmless to human body, so it can be directly discharged into the atmosphere. Secondly, the organic gas exhaust system can be used to emit organic gases when using various organic materials to produce and process. Organic gas exhaust system can be installed in these equipment and places. These gases need to be treated before they can be discharged into the air.


Purification chamber will also use acid and alkaline gas exhaust system. The acid gas exhaust system should be set up with acid gas. If acid gas is discharged during production, the acid gas exhaust system can be used. Wet scrubbing absorption tower can be set up. After treatment, the gas is discharged into the atmosphere. The alkaline gas exhaust system is used to treat alkaline gas.


There are also hot gas exhaust system, dust exhaust system and special gas exhaust system. Special other gases mainly refer to inflammable, explosive, toxic or corrosive gases. If they are not disposed of, chemical reactions can easily occur in the exhaust system. Therefore, gases should be divided and discharged. The exhaust gas treatment device is also used to discharge after other treatment into standard gas. In addition, there is an opportunity to use poisonous exhaust system in the purification room.www.wxrfcleanroom.com