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Eight major processes in the construction of solar cell production workshop

Mar 13, 2018

In general, there are eight main factors that will have an important impact on the construction of the solar cell production workshop. The first is to clean up the workshop system. Can be divided into vertical and horizontal laminar flow, laminar turbulence etc. roughly three solar cell production workshop air purification system, selection of airflow form should be selected according to the design requirements and production workshop layout parameters.


The second important factor is the cleanliness and the number of air exchange in the solar cell production workshop. That is to say, we must carefully consider that the working requirements of each workshop in the workshop are different, and the requirements of the production process, and then decide the technical parameters of the purification system. The third factor is the structural layout of the workshop, so as to avoid more interference in the air flow in the workshop.


The fourth factor is to determine the design of the solar cell production workshop according to the actual situation. In general, it is necessary to take a careful consideration of the nature of the work and the air conditions in it, to understand the overall layout and requirements. For example, to avoid the form of ground air supply in the workshop with large dust emission, the room with higher cleanliness should be as far away from other workshops as possible.


The fifth factor is the material used in the establishment of a solar cell production workshop. Remember, the roof of the workshop, the wall and the floor material must be no dust, corrosion, high temperature, not easy to break, not easy to produce static electricity. The sixth point is to pay attention to the pressure and air flow in the workshop to ensure the cleanliness of the workshop.


In addition to these factors, the seventh factor to be considered is the auxiliary equipment used in the solar cell production workshop. This is because it is necessary to use some auxiliary equipment to ensure cleanliness. One of the last factors to consider is the control of the people and things in the solar cell production workshop.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/