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Emergency evacuation design in clean workshop

Oct 08, 2018

Clean workshop in the use of the process may or encounter some emergencies, we also need to take these into account the entire design process, to allow staff to evacuate quickly, so in the graphic planning and design, to consider the evacuation of staff and space separation.


First of all, the evacuation route of the clean workshop must be simple, even if the entire area is relatively small, then the design of the evacuation passage needs to be more reasonable, so as to be able to find the evacuation passage safely and quickly in emergencies, but also easy to identify, so that staff can quickly leave the danger. The design is simple and clear.


Secondly, for the clean workshop evacuation route and ensure that every space is safe, and for the evacuation route to design reasonable; for the clean workshop evacuation door design, open direction must be conducive to evacuation escape, can not set the direction of the door very uncomfortable.


So for the safety evacuation design of clean workshop in emergency, we must be able to do a good job in space planning, so that once there are dangerous problems, we can quickly let the internal staff find the right route to evacuate, to avoid more casualties and property losses, which is also clean. Important parts of workshop design.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/