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Establishment of Cleaning Zone for Cleaning Room by Purification and Installation Company

Apr 26, 2019

Purification and installation companies will design and install cleaning projects for some special enterprises, including general production rooms, cleaning plants and auxiliary rooms, such as skin cosmetics, hair cosmetics, detergents and other enterprises. In the process of using the clean room of the purification project, it is very important to prevent the pollution of the clean room.


In order to prevent pollution, it is necessary to rationalize the layout of purification and installation companies. First of all, we should straighten out the process flow and avoid roundabout. It should be noted that the larger the purification room is, the better. The size of the area and space is related to the amount of air supply, determines the energy consumption of air conditioning, and affects the investment of the purification project. But the space area of the purification room can not be too small, too small may not be easy to operate and repair. Therefore, the design of reasonable space area of purification room should take into account the needs of equipment operation and maintenance.


Because the material quality, processing accuracy, sealing degree and management system of the equipment are all related to pollution. Therefore, besides rational layout, purification and installation company should also improve the automation level of equipment and form a linkage production line, so as to reduce the number of operators and the activity frequency of personnel, which is the necessary measure to prevent pollution.


In addition, the air-conditioning purification system of the purification and installation company should be set up according to different cleanliness grades. Purification rooms should be equipped with dedicated flow and logistics channels. Personnel shall enter according to the prescribed purification engineering procedures and the number of persons shall be strictly controlled. Material can be removed and outsourced after dust removal and fed through buffer or transfer window. The pipes entering the purification room should be made of stainless steel.www.wxrfcleanroom.com