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Fast Gate Manufacturer Explains Each Component System of Fast Gate

May 27, 2019

Fast door manufacturer first mentioned the composition of the product. A complete fast door includes frame system, curtain system, drive motor, control system and other components. Only when each part meets the requirements, the fast door can be used normally. 

Fast door manufacturer pointed out that the frame system of fast door is made of carbon steel or aluminium alloy, while the main material of door curtain system is PVC fabric or aluminium alloy profile, and the drive motor system includes brake pads, motors, reducers and other devices, which are indispensable. 

In the design of fast door control system, the fast door manufacturer uses a complete set of integrated circuit boards composed of PLC, frequency converter and encoder or with IPM module to control the fast door accurately. In addition, the manufacturer also considers the safety of the product, so a special safety system is set up to ensure the stability and safety of the fast door in the use process. 

As far as the technical level of the current fast door manufacturers is concerned, there are many ways to trigger the open door of the fast door, including manual buttons, radar induction, infrared photoelectric induction, geomagnetic induction, remote control, etc. Users can select according to different requirements. 

Fast door manufacturer said that the reason why fast door uses PVC fabric or PVDF film as curtain fabric is that these materials have excellent performance, especially the PVDF film has better anti-aging performance, non-fading and self-cleaning function, which is very suitable for making fast door.

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