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Fire prevention and explosion protection design of cleanroom in operation

Sep 29, 2018

When evaporating in the clean room, indirect heating should be chosen to control the evaporation temperature for flammable solvents. In order to prevent the decomposition of heat-sensitive materials, vacuum evaporation can be used to reduce the evaporation temperature or to adopt high-efficiency evaporator to shorten the residence time of the solution in the evaporator.


When filtering in a clean room, select appropriate filtering equipment, and adopt sealed pressurized filtering method for inflammable, explosive, volatile and poisonous substances; strictly prevent overheating, overpressure and overload operation in operation, and prohibit high-speed start-up. Centrifuge should be equipped with speed-limiting device to avoid extreme speed to prevent friction and impact. The most flammable and explosive filtering places should be selected explosion-proof electrical equipment, regular maintenance and inspection, filtering equipment should be reliable grounding, to avoid the production of static electricity.


The operation time of the mixture material in the clean room should be controlled, especially in the case of exothermic mixing. In addition to ensuring the normal operation of mixing and uniform mixing, cooling device or air agitation should be installed when necessary to avoid local overheating or high temperature and danger.


In addition, for the mixing equipment with the danger of electrostatic spark ignition, electrostatic eliminating devices should be installed, and antistatic agents should be added to the materials which produce electrostatic when mixing. For the mixing of flammable and explosive materials in clean rooms, sealing measures should be taken to prevent leakage, nitrogen filling or inert gas protection should be adopted during operation, and safety pressure relief and explosion-proof fire extinguishing systems should be set up. Perfect ventilation and dust removal devices should be installed in places with flammable vapor and dust diffusion to remove flammable vapor and dust in time.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/