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Five effects of air filter and preparation work before use of clean room

Jun 05, 2018

Air filter, which is one of the filters, and can be used in many industries and fields, so it is very widely used and purify the air. Therefore, based on this kind of filter widely used, and in the air purification can have a good purification effect, below, the relevant knowledge will be explained to achieve the purpose.


1. Air filter technology for air filter

Air filter, which uses air filtration technology, is specifically designed to achieve the purpose of air purification by filtering and separating this method, removing the dust particles and microbes in the air to meet the air cleanliness requirements. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, the filter used for filter material, can be for the finer diameter of the fiber, not only to let the air flow smoothly through, but also can effectively collect dust particles.


The filter layer of air filter mainly has the following five kinds of specific effects in capturing particles:

Intercepting effect: when a particle of a particle moves to the surface of the fiber, the particle will be intercepted and deposited because the distance from the core line to the fiber surface is less than the radius of the particle.

Inertial effect: if the mass of particles is large or the velocity is large, the inertia will expand with the surface of the fiber, thus depositing on the surface.

Diffusion effect: small particle size, the Brown motion is relatively intense, so it will expand to the surface of the fiber.

Gravity effect: when particles pass through the fibrous layer, they will be deposited on fibers due to gravity.

Electrostatic effect: particles and fibers may be charged, resulting in electrostatic effects.


2. Are there any differences between air purifiers, air fresheners and air filters?

Between the air purifier and the air freshener, from the professional point of view, these two are no different, all through indoor gas circulation to clean the air. And the air filter is to introduce outdoor air into the room and conduct air filtration at the same time. Therefore, there is a big difference between air filters and air purifiers and air fresheners. They can not be equated.


3. Preparation for use of air filters in clean rooms

The air filter is used in the clean room. There are some preparations before the air filter is used. It is mainly to clean and clean the air filter and clean room, so that they can meet the cleanliness requirements. If the filter is installed in the sandwich or suspended ceiling, then the interlayer and ceiling will be cleaned and cleaned.