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Four elements of fire protection design in Cleanroom

Oct 10, 2018

Today, food, medicine, electronics and other industries in the development process, the factory production environment and production process requirements to gradually improve. But the purification room can ensure the whole production process aseptic and dust-free, in its design process, fire protection design is also the most important.


Generally speaking, the clean room has strict control in fire safety. Generally speaking, the clean level is as high as the fire safety. Firstly, fire hazards A, B and C in the purification room are classified. When different fire hazards are produced, we should classify the fire hazards according to the most dangerous part.


Secondly, attention should be paid to the burning performance of building materials and materials, at least the materials in the purification room should reach a second-class or higher refractory grade. In order to improve site utilization, reduce energy consumption, and do a good job of production management, purification room usually will be production, storage and supporting public works and production management, Quality Supervision Center combination in a building. In building design, different fire zones are divided according to different production functions and functions.


There is also need to pay attention to the construction of safe evacuation facilities, purification room safety facilities in the design should pay attention to a reasonable layout of evacuation routes, reasonable arrangement of exports, so that the purification room can meet the design requirements of safe evacuation.https://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/