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Full Stainless Steel Air Shower for Clean Room

Jun 09, 2017

Air Shower

Basic Info

  • Number of Nozzles: 16

  • Material: Stainless Steel

  • Origin: Jiangsu China

  • Application: Pharmaceutical,Food Industry

  • Fuel: Electric

  • Feature: Intelligent Voice Air Shower

  • Applicable Object: People Shower

  • Trademark: GESC

The air shower room/cargo shower room is a piece of local purifying equipment with good versatility. Generally installed between the clean room and non-clean room, it is a necessary passage for people or cargoes to enter the clean room. The clean air blown from it can eliminate the dust carried by people and cargoes, so as to effectively block or reduce dust from entering the clean area. The two doors at the front and back of the air shower room/cargo shower room adopt electronic interlocking, playing a role of air brake to stop unpurified air from entering the clean area. The equipment is widely applied in such fields as food, medicine, biological engineering and microelectronics.
1) Cabinet Material handling high-quality cold-rolled steel plate electrostatic spray; stainless steel plate 
2) Two-speed winds of high pressure air
3) high quality mini pleat HEPA filter
3) Stainless steel nozzle, the outlet of the wind speed> 25m / s
4) Infrared sensors
5) Stainless steel single door, German-made Oubao closers
6) Programmable control system, imported electrical components, sensor automatically blow shower, LED display blowing leaching time (0 ~ 99s adjustable)