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GMP the difference between the design of the medical clean shop and the ordinary workshop?

Mar 05, 2018

According to the existing standard, the basic requirements of GMP medical cleaning workshop design are to ensure beautiful and clean, and to avoid product pollution and quality change. So the design of doors and windows in the interior decoration of the medical clean workshop, the design of the ground, the wall, the ceiling and so on are different from the general workshop requirements.


First, the layout of the GMP medical cleaning workshop usually requires a circular airtight corridor on the periphery. This is mainly for the establishment of a buffer zone between the clean area and the outside world, not only to prevent external pollution, but also to save energy. In addition, the doors and windows in the factory building should be kept flat and the window sill is not set. The number and structure of the outer window need to take full account of the air and water seal, so that the contaminated particles are not easy to penetrate from the outside.


In the second set of doors and windows also have certain requirements, generally used in the Pharmaceutical Workshop in windows materials should be metal or metal coated materials, shall not use wooden doors and windows, so as to avoid long-term moisture bacteria. And the windows on the exterior wall should be kept flat with the inner wall. In addition, the floor of the workshop should use flat, seamless, wear-resistant and corrosion resistant, not easy to gather static, easy to clean the whole ground.


Third, each wall in the medical clean workshop should be smooth and smooth, corrosion resistant and easy to identify pollutants. As for interior wall coating, it is necessary to use anti - mould, anti - static, avoid glare and be able to tolerate cleaning and disinfecting materials. The intersecting part of the wall and the ground should be designed into a circular arc of 50 millimeters in a radius to reduce the accumulation of dust and to facilitate the cleaning.


In addition, in order to ensure the cleanliness of the medical clean workshop, the air supply pipe must be reasonably designed. And the requirements of the air temperature and humidity cleanliness in the medical clean workshops are also high. Therefore, the designer should choose the building materials reasonably according to the requirements of the process, and consider the fire resistance, so as to meet the requirements of the GMP design.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/