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Ground Form and Construction Technology of Dust-free Clean Room

Jun 24, 2019

In dust-free clean rooms, in addition to supporting clean equipment, the form of the ground can not be ignored. In order to meet the relevant cleanliness requirements, the epoxy floor is generally used in the clean room. Here is to understand the construction technology of this floor form.


The epoxy floor in the clean room is actually a bright surface formed by curing epoxy resin and curing agent on the ground. If distinguished by thickness, it can be divided into 0.5 mm thin coating type and 2-5 mm self-leveling type.


However, no matter what thickness of epoxy floor, since the quality standards are to be met, the temperature in the clean room should be controlled at 10 ~35 C when it is used; the moisture content in the ground of the clean room should not exceed 5%; and the total air humidity should be less than 75%.


After the construction environment is up to the standard, the construction can begin. First, the original ground of the clean room should be thoroughly polished, the uneven areas need to be repaired and leveled, then cleaned and cleaned, and the wet areas need to be dried first. Next, the prepared pure resin material should be evenly scraped and coated on the original ground with a trowel knife, so as to form a strong sticky bottom layer by fully penetrating and bonding with the original ground.


After the bottom of the floor of the clean room is solidified, the prepared putty layer material is scraped on the bottom layer with a trowel knife to enhance the compressive and impact resistance of the floor. After the mortar layer is solidified, it is polished thoroughly. The prepared intermediate coating material is smoothed on the mortar layer with a trowel knife, and the uneven small pits and pinholes on the mortar layer should be filled to make it even and smooth.


The last step is the construction technology of the ground surface layer in the clean room. It is also polished and cleaned before painting materials. Finally, a dust-proof, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, clean and bright epoxy floor is formed in the clean room.www.snpefilm.com