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High performance air filter with significant features

May 16, 2017

A complete filtration system includes primary filter, medium efficiency filter, in addition to high efficiency air filter, filtering process so complex can remove tiny dust particles, these must be made by special filter filtration technology to complete, each kind of filter are many years of accumulated research and development to get now the product, which is a high efficiency air filter of high-tech products, is the use of advanced technology to production, relative to other filters is a kind of progress and sublimation, the reason why there is so much attention, but cannot do without its unique advantages.

First introduces the characteristics of high efficiency air filter, and the filter is of course, also have the advantages of low resistance, large dust capacity, but its production of high quality, must pass the test to verify that the flame passing each, as for the field is very broad, optical instrument manufacturing, like LCD LCD manufacturing is a good example; in pharmaceutical production also need it in beverage and food production also use it, in addition to its PCB printing workshop to assist, it can create a clean production workshop environment.

Aiming at the high efficiency air filter structure are also different, there are partitions, there is no partition and so on, the degree of purification reached up to more than ninety percent, in addition to a high efficiency filter we must understand that it is no antibacterial HEPA filter can prevent bacteria from entering. High efficiency air filters are controlled by computer system, can control the remote assistance, and excellent equipment, long service life, unlike other filters like regular replacement, the filtration efficiency of high efficiency filters, filtration speed, a lot of people have been expecting products.