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High Quality Negative Pressure Weighing Chamber

Jul 02, 2017

Weighing Chamber

Basic Info

  • Original Place: Wuxi, China

  • Trademark: GESC

  • Specification: GMP

  • Brand: GESC

  • HEPA Filters: 99.999% Efficiency at 0.3um

  • Origin: China,Wuxi

Product Description

Single Negative Pressure Weighing Chamber 
Weight room is a kind of partial purifying equipment for filling, refilling, weighing and sampling of raw material and compounds. It is provided with HEPA filter, which prevents the airborne dusts by down draught technique. The unit eliminates powder contamination to protect the operator and the surrounding environment.
Dispensing booth is also called sampling booth or weighing booth.
1.Automatic changeable frequency system monitors the air velocity to ensure its stability in the work area.
2.Differential pressure gauge is equipped to real-time monitor the filters.
3.Unique designed air duct effectively controls the noise.
4.Uniform flow design of main working area can protects the operators and prevent environmental pollution and cross contamination of products.
5.Intelligent control mode and alarm system ensure the reliability of running.
6.Smooth transitions of wall and ground can eliminate the blind angle.
7.Customized design is welcome.