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How does the cleaning installation company design and plan the dust-free workshop?

Jul 31, 2018

In the process of the design and planning of the dust free workshop, the purification and installation company must first master the main points of the moving line planning, including the analysis of the vehicle route, the piping system, the exhaust pipe, the material handling and the operation process, so as to shorten the moving line as far as possible and avoid crossing, in order to prevent the cross contamination. Operators, chemicals, materials and other moving lines should not be concentrated; the buffer zone should be set around the dust free workshop; the access of the manufacturing device should not have a great impact on the operation.


Secondly, we should abide by the principle of energy conservation. There are a large number of energy saving places in the dust free workshop, such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning, process cooling, compressed air and some other facilities. It is necessary to make clear that high efficiency design and high efficiency equipment need a great initial investment.


In addition, the cleaning and installation company can not ignore the siting principle of dust-free workshop. It should conform to the principle of favorable production, convenient living, saving investment and operating expenses. The site should be located in the natural environment and water quality is good; the dust concentration in the atmosphere is low; the microclimate caused by topography, surface features and landforms is conducive to the production and energy saving areas.


Not only that, as the construction position of the car free workshop, it should be far away from a large number of areas such as dust, smoke, toxic gas and microbes, such as airports, railways, wharfs, transportation routes, etc., and the upper wind side of the pollution source and the leading wind direction of the year, and a certain distance from the protective distance.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/