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How is the electrical equipment in the purification room well protected against moisture?

May 31, 2018

Electrical equipment is one of the basic facilities of decontamination chamber. In order to avoid environmental impact on equipment, strict control of environmental moisture is needed. In other words, moisture-proof measures should be done to the electrical equipment in the purification room. Then, what specific methods can be adopted for this piece?


One is the isolation method, which means that the electrical equipment in the purification room is isolated and isolated, so that the moisture can not enter the space of the electrical equipment, such as the isolation barrier, the independent room, the sealed distribution box, etc. At the same time, the moisture can be discharged from the purification room by means of draught fan and humidifying vent. In addition, there are plugging, absorption and heating drying methods.


In general, the electrical equipment in the purification room is mainly concentrated in the distribution cabinet, and the damp proof of the cabinet body and the cabinet can be well solved, and the moisture resistance of the distribution equipment can be solved. In order to do this, the distribution cabinet is required to be sealed as a whole and the drying agent is used to provide a dry environment for all the electrical equipment in the cabinet.


At the same time, no corrosion and moisture absorption material is selected, and the protective measures for the inside and outside pressure difference of the cabinet body formed during intermittent work are adopted. It is also possible to arrange a lot of indicator lights and button switches in the electrical distribution cabinet of the cleaning room, and the problem of moisture proof and the sealing of the hole must be considered. Therefore, the double deck door plate structure is considered.


In addition, the electrical and distribution cabinets in the purge chamber need to be sealed. Theoretically, the internal relative humidity of the electrical switchgear has not reached 100% and will not form condensation. In the actual distribution cabinet, the distribution and arrangement of the electrical equipment in the distribution cabinet cannot be exactly the same as the calculation model, and there will always be a certain gap between the electrical equipment.


In addition, due to the production process, its calorific value will also be uneven. In the process of repeated operation of the equipment, if the corresponding measures are not taken in time, the relative humidity of the local moisture will be concentrated and condensation will occur. Therefore, we should reasonably design the internal structure of the power distribution cabinet, such as the rational placement of desiccant box and the optimization of interlocking mechanism.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/