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How should the clean laminar cover be maintained daily for purification engineering?

Apr 08, 2018

On the application of the current situation, clean laminar flow hood has been widely used in many fields, such as electronics, biology, medicine, food, precision instruments and other industries, clean laminar flow hood is mainly to provide clean operating environment for these areas, to create local Gao Jie cleanliness of working environment.


In practical application, the clean laminar cover can be used alone, and several combinations can be combined to form a belt clean area. It is a kind of air purification unit which can provide a local clean environment, which can be flexibly installed above the craft point requiring Gao Jie's cleanliness.


However, in order to ensure that the clean laminar cover is used steadily for a long time, the user needs to develop good maintenance habits. Do you know what maintenance content should be paid attention to?


First, during use, we need to replace the corresponding high efficiency filters regularly for the laminar cover so as not to pollute the growth of bacteria.


Secondly, during the working period, if there is an abnormal problem of the laminar cover, the power supply should be cut off in time and the relevant personnel should be informed of the immediate maintenance. Keep in mind that during the work, be sure to pay attention to safety at all times.


Third, in the use of laminar flow cover, it is necessary to ensure that the use temperature of the production workshop is kept within 50 centigrade, and the use of open fire in the room is strictly prohibited.


Besides, users also need to check the electric circuit of laminar cover regularly. If there are any faults, refer to the electrical schematic diagram, or contact the manufacturer for on-site maintenance. In a word, to do a good job of daily maintenance, it is possible to better use the laminar cover and prolong its service life.http://www.wxrfcleanroom.com/