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How to build a complete clean clean room?

Jul 19, 2017

With the rapid development of all walks of life, the environmental pollution problem has become increasingly serious, so the demand for clean and clean rooms is increasing.Prior to building a clean and clean house, there will be a design related design, including materials, equipment and the use of accessories.

Usually, dust-free clean room air purification system can be divided into horizontal laminar flow, vertical laminar flow and turbulence, three specific to choose which one is refer to the previous practice on one hand, and on the other hand is depends on the working parameters of dust-free clean room.

In other words, the working nature of the clean and clean house must be first taken seriously.Not only the dustless clean room should not be used in the form of ground air supply, and the clean and clean room should be kept as far away from other workshops as possible.

When the structure of clean house is designed, it is necessary to ensure that the airflow is hardly disturbed.The materials for clean and clean rooms must be uncracked, not prone to particles, and materials that can hardly be dusted.In addition, according to the different working conditions of clean room, the chemical properties of the materials must be considered to be stable.

For clean, clean rooms, people and objects are primary sources of dust, so they must be fully controlled.For example, workers should go through the net system before they enter the clean room, and change the clean clothes, and accept the basic education for the function of the purification system.

It is necessary to prevent the outside pollution from entering into the clean and clean interior of the house. It must maintain positive pressure, and in order to obtain the required pressure, the clean room must be filled with fresh air.In other words, in addition to some production equipment, the clean clean room also has to install some auxiliary equipment, such as the air indicator of the new air port, the transmission window on the partition.