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How to Choose Sterilization Equipment in Food Factory Purification Room

Apr 09, 2019

Food factory processing workshop and packaging room have relatively high sanitary requirements, especially food factory purification room, need to choose advanced and effective sterilization equipment. Before choosing sterilizing equipment, we should first understand the significance of food sterilization, that is, to kill most of the microorganisms in the purification room of food factories, so as to keep food from spoilage and deterioration in a certain period of time, so as to ensure the physical and mental safety of the eaters.


The environmental sterilization of food factory purification room is also called the control of processing environmental pollution. It means that food is polluted by microorganisms other than its raw materials and semi-finished products, such as bacteria pollution in water, secondary bacterial pollution in air, secondary cross-infection of workers'hands, equipment, containers, tools and turnover boxes, and contamination of packaging materials.


The popular sterilization technology of purification room includes NICOLER sterilization technology, which refers to the synchronous operation of man-machine in the same field. Because people can work in the workshop at the same time when disinfecting the purification room of the food factory. This machine is an advanced disinfection equipment, which does not harm human body. It is mainly used for synchronous dynamic sterilization and disinfection under the working condition.


There are also ultraviolet sterilization and ozone sterilization. The former uses ultraviolet irradiation substances to change the molecular structure of nucleoproteins in microorganism cells on the surface of objects and cause death. It is mainly used to sterilize the surfaces of purification rooms, equipment, packaging materials and water in food factories. The latter is the most original sterilization method and the most advanced sterilization method in the purification room of a food factory. The good effect of the latter is very good, and the inappropriate use of the latter has almost no effect. Its sterilization principle is its strong oxidation effect, which makes the enzyme inactive and leads to the death of microorganisms.www.wxrfcleanroom.com